Quality is to business what gravity is to the universe.
But what is quality?
One definition is – Quality is the merit of something.
Quality is always a judgment call. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.
From a business perspective, quality may be defined as something that is fit for a purpose.
Here are a few examples.
1. Usable – A quality website is usable.
2. Aesthetic – Quality art is aesthetically pleasing.
3. Functional – A quality business process is functional and efficient.
4. Secure – A quality mobile device is secure, usable, and aesthetically pleasing.
5. Reliable – A quality car is reliable and safe to drive.
6. Bug-Free – Quality software is bug-free, usable, and reliable.
7. Maintainable – Quality bicycles are easy to maintain.
8. Operable – Quality machines are easy to operate, safe, and sturdy.
9. Accessible – Quality storage is accessible, reliable, and safe.
10. Sustainable – Quality energy sources are sustainable.
11. Reusable – Quality packaging is reusable.
12. Stable – Quality tightropes are stable and reliable.
13. Interoperable – Quality memory cards are interoperable (work in a wide variety of devices).
14. Credible – Quality news programs are credible and informative.
15. Available – Quality mobile services always have a signal (availability).
16. Ethical – Quality medical clinics are professional and ethical.
17. Friendly – Quality service is friendly and diligent.
18. Durable – Quality luggage is durable.
19. Robust – A quality system is robust.
20. Efficient – Quality air conditioners are efficient and reliable.
21. Scalable – Quality web platforms are scalable.
22. Adaptable – Quality furniture designs are adaptable.
23. Dependable – Quality software is dependable.
24. Powerful – A quality sports car is powerful.
25. Standards Compliant – Quality factories meet safety and environmental standards.
26. Compliant With Law – Quality businesses comply with the law.
27. Accurate – Quality weather forecasts are accurate.
28. Relevant – Quality search results are relevant.
29. Fair – Quality legal systems are fair.
30. Fast – Quality fast food is fast and tasty.
31. Reputable – Quality professionals (like a doctor) are reputable.
32. Safe – Quality toys are safe.
33. Healthy – Quality food is healthy.
34. Profitable – Quality businesses are profitable and ethical.
35. Trusted – Quality relationships in business partnerships are trusted.
36. Deliver – Quality training programs deliver.
Are there other parameters that you can think of?
Are a few of these applicable to your organization?
How well did you score in those that matter for you?
How and where is it necessary for you to improve?
Just a few questions for you to ponder and improve your business by focusing on QUALITY.
Eagerly awaiting your thoughts.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,




As I live…I learn


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