Dearest Friends,


Ever had a huge argument over a difference of opinion with a friend, family member or a colleague?


You were convinced you were absolutely right, and he was convinced he was absolutely right? The following scenes then play out.


1. It started as an expression of ‘difference of opinion’.


2. The objective was to set the record straight, to fill in right data, to convince the other person.


3. There was no intention to pick up a fight. Yet, it morphed into a fight.


4. It ended ugly and left a bad taste.


Have these ever happened with you?


It has happened with me countless times and I regret it so much.


I wish I had known earlier the importance of avoiding arguments.


I remembering Dale Carnegie writing, “No one EVER wins an argument”.


– People leave an argument.
– ⁠They don’t accept defeat.
– ⁠People prefer to drop relationships over accepting defeat.


Experience teaches that every minute spent on arguments are minutes not invested on solving the actual problem.


So bury your ego and stay away from the temptation to ‘Win the argument’.


Here is an eternal truth of life.


Being right doesn’t win arguments.


Wishing you 1000s of perfect days in your life.


Your thoughts?

With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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