Dearest Darling Friends,



Are we sleeping?



Are we living at our ‘best’?



With decent effort, we can become decent at anything.



With great effort, we can become great at anything.



With no effort, we can become good at nothing.



With world class effort, we can become….



I am sure you get the picture.



I am also sure you are thinking, ‘Besides efforts, what are the steps I must take to become world class?’



Here are a few thoughts.



1) Create a support system. Find people who will dream your dream. Surround yourself with these people. Have them around as much as you can. Empower them to interrupt you when you go off track. Respect them at all times.



2) Find a mentor. Your knowledge and your effort will NOT be enough. Find someone who knows how to do what YOU want to do. Every successful person loves to share their secrets. They want to pass on their legacy. If you are passionate and sincere, they are WAITING for someone like you.



3) Have a desire to be better than them in the area you want to be mentored. Wanting to be as good as them, is not enough as it will limit you. The secret desire of every teacher is to have a student who WILL be, better than them. Rise to the occasion. Grab the opportunity.



4) Find a mentee. Fascinatingly, there is so much we learn ONLY when we start to teach. This is a FACT. So, learn by teaching. It is utmost fulfilling too.



When you can do the above four simple steps, you will be ‘delighted’ with yourself. Guarantee!!!



May this lead to the purpose of your life. As the famous saying goes, “We are still sleeping if we haven’t found the purpose of our now, yet.”



If you are sleeping, may you ‘wake up’ soon.



With loads of love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






As I Live…I Learn






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