Dear Darling Friends,

In this world, there is no shortage of athletes with great talent. Talent is a terrible indicator of how one will perform WHEN IT COUNTS.

There are many talented people who accomplished nothing great in life. They never developed their attitudes and went on to FAIL.

Take your talent and continuously develop your skills, your mental fortitude and your relationships. Why? At one point in time, your physical talents will start diminishing. What keeps you winning are the other factors.

Your body has limitations, the mind does NOT.

Kobe Bryant blew his achilles heel. Normal players would have to be taken off the court. He got up, shot the two free throws, and walked off the court. His process of rehabilitation started the moment he got and refused to be carried off the court.

– He holds the world record for the highest number of seasons played for the same franchise, L A Lakers.

– He holds the world record for the maximum season of Most Valuable Player – 4 times

– He holds the record for the 2nd highest number of points scored in the NBA game – 81

He was just one of the highly talented people. However, he was that rare talented person who backed it up with great fortitude and great relationships.

Be the Kobe Bryant in whatever you do.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.

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