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Just read about Vinesh Phogat. She got injured during the Rio Olympics. A former member of Vinesh’s entourage says the injury was a virtual ‘death sentence’ for her career.


It left a huge impact on her psychologically. When asked about her comeback, she says, “It was a tough time emotionally and physically. But as they say, an Athlete becomes stronger once she overcomes an injury. I think that phase has made me stronger”.


There was pressure on her to prove she is physically, mentally, emotionally and technically stronger.


She had got injured in the Rio Olympics during her bout with Sun Yanan. She had to be carried off the arena on a stretcher, tears streaming down her face. She has lost to her three times earlier.


She won the Gold Medal in the 50 kg category in this Jakarta Asians Games 2018 and defeated her nemesis Sun Yanan 8-2 enroute.
What a comeback! What an amazing comeback.


If I am ever down and out, even if my entire future looks doomed, I will think of Vinesh Phogat as my role model and bounce back big.


Thanks Vinesh. You have a fan in me.


With lots of love and deep gratitude,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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