Dear Darling Friends,



Have you ever seen anyone operating within his or her comfort zone and they are extremely successful?



Have you ever come across a person with pebbles inside their shoes and walking peacefully and comfortably?



Stung by the abject poverty in their family, in 1846 the Carnegie family left the shores of Scotland and reached America with the dreams to make it big. At that time young Andrew Carnegie was just 13 years old. Do you think this was working in ‘comfort zone’? He used to work in a cotton factory by the day and utilized the nights to study. So often out of fatigue his parents found him sleeping on his books. Do you think this was living in ‘comfort zone’?



Though life was tough, he was determined to be tougher. Do you think this was operating in ‘comfort zone’?



His dreams about his life did not wane because the going was not smooth. Staying in poverty would have been working inside his comfort zone. Stepping outside it and dreaming about a wonderful future and working towards it, was breaking his comfort zone. Resigning to life of poverty would be acknowledging that there are pebbles in my shoes but what to do these are the only shoes I have. I must get used to these shoes.



Stopping for a few moments, bending down, identifying where the pebbles are, cleaning the shoes of those pebbles and then walking comfortably is possible, when I believe, I can create my future.



This is possible when I am optimistic and enthusiastic about CREATING my future. This is impossible when I am depending on others, luck, circumstances and god to gift me a great future.



God will gift us abilities but never results.



As the saying goes, god creates nuts for the squirrels but then the squirrels have to break it open themselves.



By the time he was 35 Andrew Carnegie was a very rich man. By the time he was 60, he became the richest man on the planet at that time.



May the next story we read be about you and how YOU broke YOUR ‘comfort zones’!



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,





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