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In the grand symphony of a successful organization, trust is the orchestra conductor. Why is gaining trust important? Because as Stephen Covey, the management guru himself, said, “Trust is the glue that holds a team together.”


Imagine your team as a high-wire act. Without the safety net (trust on you), they will be hesitant, tentative, and frankly, living causally or in fear. But with that net of trust in place, they will feel empowered to take risks, innovate, and push boundaries.


They will know you’ve got their back, and that’s the kind of environment where magical record-breaking performances happen.


How to build this trust?


The important question is, how to build this trust? In my experience as a business coach, the following 10 qualities has ALWAYS created an atmosphere of solid trust.


1. The person who has confidence in himself, gains the confidence of others.
2. The person who delivers on promises, gains the confidence of others.
3. The person who takes away a stone of hope from a mountain of challenges, gains the confidence of others.
4. A person who is level headed during conflicts, gains the confidence of others.
5. A person who seeks perspectives, gains the confidence of others.
6. A person who leads by example, gains the confidence of others.
7. A person who shows openness to change, gains the confidence of others.
8. A person who shares credit where it is due, gains the confidence of others.
9. A person who owns up their mistakes, gains the confidence of others.
10. A person who allows others to grow and glow, gains the confidence of others.


On Reflection


As I wrote this LSM, it was interesting to reflect if I have these qualities within me. Gave me a lot of clarity on where I am on track and where I have been off roading. For those of you who are interested in knowing it, my score was 6 / 10.


My wish for you


I pray, reading this LSM helps you in critical reflection too. May your score be a solid 10 / 10.


With love, prayers and best wishes,

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