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27 year old Ilyaz Shaikh was rushing his pregnant wife Noor Jahan to hospital in Sion in Mumbai in early Oct 2015. The taxi got stuck in the narrow by lanes of Vijaynagar area.



Noor Jahan went into labour. To their shock, the cab driver refused to take them ahead. When asked, the cab driver said, “It will make my taxi messy”.
The taxi driver asked them to alight. This happened just outside a temple.



A few ladies were just leaving the temple steps. They saw what happened. They understood the situation. They took them inside the temple. The ladies there, using the blankets and sarees that was handy, immediately created a make shift delivery room.



A son was born. Ilyaz and Noor named their son Ganesh.



Does this real life story speak to you? It did a lot to me.



With lots of love and deep gratitude,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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