After years of hard & dedicated service to his company, Ajay had been elevated as a Director.

An elegant reception was being hosted by his company to celebrate his elevation.


His wife Anita, a home maker, and wives of others in top management were also present in that reception.


Unhappy Gayatri, wife of Anand, the CEO of the Company, looked at her husband sarcastically and asked Anita loudly.

A very odd & unusual question; “Does your husband make you happy?”

Anand’s face turned into stone as he realised the barb in that question was directed towards him.


Her husband Ajay was not at Anita’s side, but was sufficiently near to hear the question.

He straightened a little, unsure about how she would respond.

Work had kept him busy and he had never properly acknowledged her contribution in his career success.


To his & the others’ surprise, she replied, “No, no he doesn’t make me happy…”.


There was mirth on Gayatri’s face and she turned around wanting to see Ajay and Anand’s facial expressions.


The room became uncomfortably silent. There was a sudden coldness in the air.

Ajay was aghast and his face had turned pale with embarrassment.

He couldn’t believe what Anita has just said, especially at an occasion that was so important for him.


He felt betrayed.


Anita continued, “No, he doesn’t make me happy because it is not HIS work to make me happy.” 

It is MY work to make me happy. The fact that I am happy or not should not depend on him, but on me.

GOD has granted each of us intellect & discretion to reason, interpret, decide and see that there are a million reasons to be happy.

If my happiness were to depend on other people, things or circumstances, I would be in serious trouble! Am I right, Gayatri Ma’am?”


The room was filled with spontaneous applause for Anita that included the CEO Anand;

who looked thankful and relieved as a catastrophe had just been averted with Anita’s brilliant answer.


Gayatri was speechless and taken aback. Her veiled attack had failed to find its mark.


Everyone was looking at Anita with admiration and profound respect.


The frown on Ajay’s face had been replaced with overflowing pride. In that moment, in that room,

if power failure had occurred, the room would have still been still bright with his beaming face.


Question : Who is alive and strong in you? Gayatri or Anita?


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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