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Self-improvement is the natural byproduct of consistently taking actions that feel bad now, but good later.


  • Doing that workout that may make me feel bad now (because I wanted to sleep) but good later (because I conquered my laziness)
  • Eating that healthy meal may make me feel bad now (because I so much wanted to eat that super tasty, mouth watering, piping hot, samosas) but good later (because I conquered the unhealthy temptation)
  • Having that hard conversation may make me feel bad now (because it often lead to emotional tsunamis and tears and blames and counter blames) but good later (because I cleared misunderstandings, understood other’s POV and got a super tight, cool hug at the end)
  • Doing that focused work may make me feel bad now (because I wanted to scroll and binge and tune in to the gossip and laze) but good later (because I did deep and meaningful work that made me feel great about myself)


All of these things are uncomfortable before we start, but they make us feel great after we complete it, isn’t it?


The most disciplined people in the world are exceptional ‘mental time travellers’.


  • They don’t wait to feel that winning feeling after the action.
  • They bring that winning feeling even before the action.
  • This is their ‘process hack’ to get started.
  • This ensures they are never warped into wastage.
  • They dig deep, unveil hidden treasures from within, and keep improving themselves.


When the excuse gymnastics start in your mind, imagine how good it will feel after you complete what you are tempted to delay.


This simple hack will change your life. It is Narendra Goidani’s ( not Modi’s ) guarantee to you.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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