Dearest Darling Friends,



I wrote to my dearest student Anish, “Sometimes in life, the need to win is so great, we forget what we ARE losing.”



Anish replied,



“I was climbing up a small hill today with bunch of young folks. Thinking that I have to keep pace with them, I lost touch with the environment. When I stopped enjoying and started feeling anxious, I realized what I was losing.



I slowed down, started enjoying the surroundings, and a smile presented itself on my face.”



Anish asked, “To win some, I will lose some, right?” How to know what is right?”



My answer, “A simple question will probably give a lot of clarity – “Was it worth it?”



Losing health for money?



Losing genuine friends for ego?



Losing on sleep for spotlight?



Losing present and future for the past?



Losing identity for inclusion?



Losing character for greed?



…and the list can go on!



What do you think my dearest darling reader friend?



“Sometimes in life, is the need to win is so great, that we forget what we ARE losing? When do we realize it was NOT WORTH IT AT ALL?”



Would love to know your thoughts.



With love, prayers and best wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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