Dearest Friends,



Most of us are vying to point out how other people are wrong. Bedlam in parliament, arguments instead of discussions, road rage, marital disputes, generation gap, sibling rivalry, boardroom duels etc are fueled by this, aren’t they?



What does this desperate need to ‘prove a point’ and to ‘convince others of their mistakes’ do to a relationship? It kills rapport. It distances people. It builds walls instead of building bridges.



Want to correct someone? Want to one-up them with your smart sounding and deflating quip? If you value that person, please don’t do it.



Suspend your ego. Put your opinions aside. Completely ignore your desire to be correct and to correct someone else. Completely ignore your desire to contradict someone else. Correcting people does not build relationships. Contradicting people does not build relationships. Want to know why?



When people hear things that contradicts them, the empathy part of their personality goes numb and their ego prepares to fight.



What if you have something valid to say?



Only in three situations are you welcome to express your thoughts.



1) If there is a grave danger. In that case, you cannot wait for them to commit a mistake. You need to EXPRESS NOW.



2) If a huge mistake is being made. If that can cause significant harm or irreparable damage, do not hesitate. EXPRESS NOW.



3) If you have been specifically asked. They respect your opinion. They hold YOU in high esteem. They need your ‘point of view’, and you have been asked. Go ahead. Express!



Otherwise, trust me, your contradictory opinions and your advice’s are NOT welcome.



So, focus on your life. Get on with your job.



Don’t advise people. Inspire people.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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