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Errors are mistakes we make. They are poor decisions that we would change if given a second chance. For example, let’s say, I drink and drive. Because of my inebriated state, I meet with an accident. It was an error to drive when I was drunk. Period! My mind should process it as simple as that. However, this is rarely done. Normally, what happens?



I will want to escape the blame by pinning the blame on to the roads, the diversions, the traffic or the other drivers on the road. If am a ‘khiladi’, I will find people who would agree with me. They will sympathize with me too.



They might convince someone to write a book on my sad, heart breaking, soul tearing, experience. Someone might do a research on how these roads are so dangerous for ‘poor drunk drivers’ and get a PhD too!



Oh hell! Some of my dearest friends (?) may take a rally to make their points public about how ‘anyaya’ is happening to drunk drivers. I will be the POSTER boy for them.



Funny part is, I will actually start believing others are at fault and there was NOTHING, at all, wrong with me! Responding like this will have greater harm than I realize. Ironically, I will never accept this fact.



On the other hand, trials are more nuanced. They are poor results from good decisions that I have made that still feel like errors, but given a second chance, I will make the same choice again and again.



For example, as they mention in the book ‘I Done It’, if I see an open Michael Jordan under the hoop, then I should pass it to him, because 99.9% of the time, he’s going to basket when he’s that close. But, if for some reason, he misses the dunk, that doesn’t invalidate the original correct decision to pass it to him.



It wasn’t an error; it was just a bad result.



The thing is, emotionally, it still feels like a mistake which can lead me to be hesitant to make the same RIGHT decision again.



Decisions born out of ego, self-righteousness, incorrect information, over zealousness, follow the mob, are errors of understanding and errors of judgment.



Decisions made with peace in the heart, humility in thoughts, larger good as the intention, thinking about all possible perspectives, can sometimes end still, with a bad result. These are trials.



Understanding the difference between the two (trial and error) will make me a much better decision maker in life.



If it was an error, I will change. If it was just a bad result, I will repeat. Simplicity and clarity on the life game with trials and errors helps me a lot in every aspect of life.



What are your thoughts on this my dearest darling reader? What are your experiences saying about this?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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