Dearest Darling Friends,



I was parked in front of the huge tower, waiting for my wife to get out of work. Seated on a bench at the bus stand, near the parking place, was what people would call a vagrant.

From the looks of him, he had no job, no proper home, no clean clothes, and no money.



I have this as a curious part of me. There are times when I feel generous. Yet, there are other times that I just don’t want to be bothered. Today was ” I don’t want to be bothered times.”



“Oh no. I wish he doesn’t ask me for any money,” I thought. 

After a few minutes he spoke, “That’s a very nice car”



A bit amused, I looked at him closely. He was ragged but he had an air of dignity around him. 

I said, “thanks,” and continued waiting for my wife ignoring him as much as I could.



He sat there quietly and I waited. The expected request for money never came.



As the silence between us widened, something inside prodded me, “Ask him if he needs any help.” I was sure that he would say “yes” but I have this (irritating) habit of listening to my inner voice.



“Do you need any help?” I ventured.



I expected his eyes to brighten up at having suckered me. I expected me to kick myself for asking him. I expected I will now have to pay him some money. I expected him to tell me a sob story which will end with an outstretched dirt encrusted hand. Instead he spoke five words that shook me out of my world..



”Don’t we all need help?”



That very moment, I was thrown out of my ‘high and mighty, successful and important, above a vagrant’ attitude. Those five words hit me with the force of a truck going at a speed of 100 kms per hour.



Don’t WE all need help? Don’t we all NEED help? Ouch !!!



Yes indeed. I needed help. Not for bus fare. Not for a place to sleep. Not to buy food to eat. But yes, I needed help.



I needed help to take our company to the next level.



I needed help to guide my children on the right career path.



I needed help to make my parents eat the right food.



I needed help in becoming super fit.



I needed help in moulding my core team towards peak performance.



I needed help to help people I feel responsible for.



I needed help from people towards causes that echoes deep in my heart.



Oh boy! I needed sooooooo much help.



It has been years since that little experience. Those five little words still ring true.



I have realized, no matter how much I have, no matter how much I have accomplished, I will always need help.



I have also realized another important truth. No matter how little I have, no matter how loaded I am with my personal issues, even if I am without money or without a place to sleep, I can still GIVE help.



Something as simple as a compliment can be given by anyone, any time.



Something as simple as a prayer can be expressed by anyone, any time.



Today, I carry no shame in ASKING for help.



Today, I do not feel ‘high and mighty’ when I give help.



After all, we all need help, don’t we? After all, we all give help, don’t we?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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