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I am a people person — outgoing, friendly, and willing to talk to almost anyone. I am also blessed with work that gives me opportunity to travel. My interactions with people and my observations during my travels, sometimes, leaves me in guffaws. Invariably, someone around is behaving hilariously. Since, Diwali is a festival of celebrations, we thought, why not write something that will brighten your day with smiles and laughter. This will also allow free flowing conversations with friends and family.



Some of the pointers are a part of your day-2-day life. You must have observed them too. Maybe, you were observed doing these very acts !!! Just check these out.



You are standing in a queue. For some strange reason, the person behind you seems to think the queue will move more quickly if they attach themselves to you bodily. The last thing you want is someone breathing down your neck and yet the person behind you is oblivious to your discomfort. You keep reminding them to give you some space. They promise sincerely yet the same act is repeated. You show them furious eyes, you show them raised eyebrows, you show sarcasm, you resist / push / shove back, and yet….only pain no gain. Has this ever happened to you? Ha ha. It’s so hilarious to witness this happening.



You are standing in the checkout counter of the shopping mall and someone kept pushing their shopping trolley into your bottom. You have never quite understood how do they manage to aim so well. You are irritated to the core. But…(pun intended) every time you look back, you get a sheepish sorry and almost instantly it gets repeated. You don’t want to create a scene as, the enemy of your peace, is a grand mom or a young brat. You even feel like leaving behind everything that you have painstakingly shopped and running away from this cartoon. However, you don’t want to chicken out, do you? Hence, you stay put. It’s so hilarious. Has this ever happened to you?



In this world of smart phones, whatever happened to the art of conversation? Very rarely, two people can sit down together and enjoy each other’s company without one of them feeling compelled to check and play with their mobile phone. In this scenario, my dear friend, have you been a victim or are you the perpetrator? Fretful, anxious, nervous, restless, panicked, jittery and paranoid. These are words used by people to describe how they felt when asked to go without their mobiles for a 24-hour period. Why not celebrate this Diwali without the phone when a conversation is on. Done? By the way, has it ever happened to you that you are talking animatedly. The person you are talking to is distracted by his phone. They keep glancing at it as if YOU are the distraction FROM the phone. Its downright hilarious. Don’t you think so?



Scriptures say human life is most precious. Yet some people challenge this claim of the scriptures by talking on the phone as they drive. Some even text! Mind boggling, isn’t it? Thats us! Human beings!!! It’s kind of suicidal. Ironical yet hilarious.



Do you know of people who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, Yikeeeessss. And then, they want to shake hands with you. Worse still, they want to hug you. You are at your wits end on how to avoid them. Before you realise it, the hug has already happened. You feel like you overslept in a septic tank! Ha ha ha. Has it ever happened with you? As a victim this is disgusting. As an observer, its completely hilarious. Isn’t it?



Have you ever seen someone tossing something ‘towards’ a garbage can believing they are basketball stars? And then, they miss! Ha ha. Have you then seen the look at their face? There is utter disbelief. It’s almost as if, the garbage can has conspired against them. Have this ever happened with you? The way they look at the garbage can and then surreptitiously look around, is so so hilarious. Ever witnessed this happening? Its hilarious isn’t it?



Have you observed the behaviour of people when internet is slow? Ha ha. Some people go through panic attacks. Some behave as if their are about to suffer a heart stroke. Some wriggle their hands nervously. Some behave as if a child’s favourite candy has been taken away from them. Its hilarious!


Have you ever had the glorious fortune of working with people who are all the time looking over your shoulders at YOUR computer screen. And they do it shamelessly. Its hilarious!



Have you ever experienced people who come late to watch a movie. Imagine this. You are sitting with the love of your life in a theatre. Your elbows are touching, your faces are close enough, you can hear each other’s breathing. It’s the kind of moment that defines love stories. And that glorious movie watcher comes in 15 minutes after the movie started. Invariably, they have their seats bang in the centre of the row. They sashay their way to the center of the row after trampling on enough toes. They just stole away your love story’s momentum. And that moment will never come again. It’s like a disaster! Worst part is when these lovely ‘busy till now’ people interrupt your life with their glorious butts that is almost thrust on your face. You can’t even glare at them as the movie hall is pitch dark. Hilarious!



Have you watched people lining up for the queue as soon as the flight boarding announcements have been made? They were sitting comfortably till now. They will uncomfortably stand now. Why stand and line up? Do we forget the seats have already been allocated and their are no awards for sitting early. In fact, unless you have a window seat, it’s going to be highly uncomfortable to be seated early. It’s so hilarious to see people wanting to be the ‘early birds’ inside the aircraft.



Even more hilarious is when you see people stand up the moment the flight lands. The aircraft is still taxying, yet I have witnessed so often, people standing with either they hips at an awkward angle or their heads at an awkward angle. I wish to tell these friends, “Arre baba, there are no toxic fumes in the aircraft. Getting off one minute early is not going to serve any significant purpose. Worse still, for all that you know, your baggage may be the last to arrive. So chill!” It’s so hilarious.



I am sure you had a good time reading this LSM. Would you like to share some hilarious things about this glorious species called “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”. Might create a sequel 2 from your sharings…



Wishing you and your loved ones a great Diwali. May the celebrations in your life, continue FOREVER. May brightness be an everlasting part of your life.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.

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