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A few years ago, on a sweltering summer Sunday, I sought relief on our porch that had glass windows. As I was sitting down, the first thing that caught my attention was an enormous fly bouncing against the glass trying to get out. ‘Tap, ouch, tap, ouch, tap, ouch…’, the fly was persistent even when it was getting nowhere.



Feeling charitable, I opened the second half of the window screen that was not fixed, just enough for the fly to escape. But, the fly kept bashing into the closed fixed screen anyway. I pushed the door open further. Same result. I opened it completely. The same result again.



The fly continued to ping-pong against the screen never knowing a few inches to the right would set it free. Finally, I pulled the glass window shut.



When we don’t see progress, what makes us think doing more of the same thing will set us free? Why might someone make the same mistakes over and over? What are some ways to maximize what we learn from our experiences?



Any insights?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






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