Dear darling friends,



Mediocrity can be defined in many ways.



To paint you a picture, mediocrity is doing an “okay job,” having a relationship that “works,” being just “a little” overweight, or having a job that “pays the bills.”



Mediocrity is putting up with things the way they are with no firm plan to change the situation by a specific date.



Mediocrity is following a unfulfilling path.



Most people live in a state of mediocrity.



Greatness is demanding the best of everything and doing what is required to get it.



Greatness is demanding friends who demand the best, demanding the best wife or husband and the best job with the best pay.



Greatness is demanding the company you work for to make the best products and be uncompromising in its promise to its customers.



Greatness is demanding the best out of one’s self.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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