Dearest Darling Friends,

They say, without an interesting story, we are, meant to be forgotten in the black hole of history.

In moments of despair, some believe, our lives are meaningless. As we weren’t gifted with the talents of a performer or the charisma of a movie star, we feel we are ’not enough’. Sometimes, we look at our experiences through the lens of hopelessness. Sometimes, sparked by the potential of making memories within our own minds, we dream. Yet, when we act, we dread. We are scared, these memories of dreams and hopes, will be tarnished when faced with reality.

Sure, some remain positive. Most, however believe our lives, our experiences, will be tragic.

For those of you with doubt, here is the truth. You’re wrong!

Yes, we have a limited lifespan in which we can only do so much. However, what we do, plays its important role. We may not be able to do as much is needed. Yet, this does not mean we can give up.

Yes, the universe is ever expanding and we are unbelievably small in this grand scheme.

Yes, eventually the memory of our existence will fade, but what we stand for will always live on.

In this chaotic cosmos that is made up of 99.9999 % dark matter, there is ‘one millionth %’ of matter. Yet, this millionth % matter, matters ! Ha ha. Could not stop myself from making the ironical comment. Makes us feel incredibly small, isn’t it?

Within that matter is ‘less than a billionth of a %’ living cells. Ahem….how much smaller are we going to be? Read on!

Within this small percentage, over billions of years, millions upon billions of cells competed to survive, to adapt, to improve, to be stronger. Ultimately, it created life. Then, through thousands of generations, evolution continued, until, finally, cells meet together and created multi cellular organisms. In summary, you and me, are the result of this mind boggling evolution.

What WERE our chances of getting created? Insignificant! Yet we did get created. This means, we are incredible. We represent a miracle. Yippeeeeee.

We represent a miracle yet less than 90% of us believe in our own self-worth. Instead of seeing ourselves as a miracle, we see our existence as minuscule and insignificant.

Hello! What greater proof do you need about you being a miracle of existence?

We often look at our flaws and compare them to others.
We often look at our things and compare them to others.
We often look at our friends and compare them to others.
We often look at our family and compare them to others.
We often look at our intelligence and compare them to others.
We often look at our smartness and compare them to others.

Even when we are much better off than most, we search for reasons to believe we are not good enough. We COMPETE to leave a story in the book of existence yet we don’t look at the bigger picture.

My darling friends, don’t look at what you haven’t done, look at what you’ve overcome. Our history is not what we have achieved. Our history is what we have faced and overcome.

Despite unfathomable odds, you are an unique individual with your own unique experiences. No one in the entire universe is the same individual as you are.

Just cherish the miracle you are. Stop doubting. Next time you feel insignificant, stop. Take a breather and think about the journey that has resulted in you.

Your life means a lot more than you realize. Everything that you are and stand for, is beautiful.

Just believe in yourself. And, believe in your life. Live believing you are a ‘miracle’.

I do so !!!

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.

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