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Accidentally came across this amazing expression blogged by Shalini Bali Gupta. It expresses eloquently, the grace and brilliance of the new generation. The relationship between generations, the relationship between parents and children are undergoing a tectonic shift.



The description at the beginning, of the day in the life of a mother will make you ‘see’ it so clearly.



The conversation towards the end of the LSM will make you smile and nod your head.



At the end of reading it, something inside you will shift.



Having read this LSM, I am transformed. I pray this LSM impacts you as deeply it impacted me.



I may be totally off, but there are so many connotations to this phrase that I might just be safe meandering into a new one. When William Wordsworth used the phrase “Child is the father of man”, he alone knew what exactly he meant but literature buffs and critics over time have provided their own interpretations.


For the record, I’m not cool with the chauvinistic undertones to this phrase (Just saying. He could have used the word mother or a neutral word like parent!) but then he lived in the era when Feminism wasn’t even a word in Oxford dictionary so I will ignore his ignorance.
Here is how a workday morning routine looks like for me.



After fixing myself a cup of chai, I wake up my daughter, pack our lunches and after hurriedly getting ready, I drive her to her bus stop and then to my work.



The hardest part of this routine- waking my daughter in time.



I’d pull her sheets down and give her a good morning kiss and a quick hug. In anticipation of getting her out of the bed in time, I fret and anxiously remind her of the quickly passing time and that she needs to hurry or else; while I expect her to quickly sit up and get out of the bed.
The later part where I expect her to quickly sit up is a dream.



My reality though- she would do anything she can to delay the waking up part.



What’s new you’d say.



So today, while I gave her a quick hug, instead of turning away from me attempting to steal a few more seconds of sleep, she said something softly in her sleep that blew me away.



She said, “Mommy, why do you always say to rush or else I will be late for school? It puts me in bad mood right in my sleep. Your cuddling makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I wake up faster when I feel like that “



I got a jolt like I’d been slapped in my face. I’d been wasting my time all along, operating from a foolish place. I learnt a lesson I won’t easily forget. I was stunned, but when I recovered I was smiling, because my child had become my mother for that moment.



My dearest darling readers, do you have experiences like this? Would love to know and grow out of it.



With loads of love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






As I Live…I Learn

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