Gurudev Tagore said we do not learn from knowledge or experience. We learn from reflecting on knowledge and experience.


I found these questions worthy of reflection. When I answered them, there was a shift from what I am doing to focusing on the actual areas of my life that I must devote my attention and time to.


Submit THREE answers to the following 10 questions here. Or, just do a personal reflection.


All the best.


1. What do you love to watch, study or read about most?


2. Where are you most organised, disciplined and reliable?


3. What do you dream about most?


4. What are the top things you spend your time on?


5. What brings tears to you and touches your heart?


6. What do you do with maximum energy?


7. Except for necessities, what do you spend your money on?


8. What do you talk about the most?


9. What are the memories you cherish the most?


10. What happened to you as you did this reflection exercise?


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With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,
Change your thoughts. Change your life


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