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May 28th, 2011. Manchester United was playing Barcelona. At halftime, the scores were 1-1. Everyone thought ManU will win. They lost 1-3.



The coach of ManU, Sir Alex Fergusson said, “We lost to the best team in the world”.



Why did ManU lose? What made Barca win? Talent? Skills? Mindset?



For answers, let us look at an important statistic from the match. I am a firm believer in statistics. I am a firm believer in identifying patterns that reveal the hidden truths. I am a great believer in numbers. I belong to that school that says, If you interrogate numbers long enough, they will confess to something important.”



From there, we then, take the learnings forward.



In the second half, Barca had 337 passes and bulk of it was between Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi who were the forwards. ManU, on the other hand, had 170 passes and the bulk was between the goalkeeper and defenders.



What is the moral here?



The moral is, “If I am not playing to win, I will never win.” A defensive game might prevent a defeat but that is not good enough.



Look at who are the highest paid footballers in the world. It has never been the best defenders of the game. It has never been the best goalkeepers of that time. It has always been the forwards and the people who are responsible for scoring. In other words, it has always been players who play to win.



For you, what was the moral from this match? Would love to know.



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