Dearest Darling Friends,



There is a Jewish saying: ‘One who is shy cannot learn fast’.



Why do they say so?



They believe the one who is shy will be afraid to ask. Without asking, he only understands what is told. Through asking, he gets clarity on every doubt that he has. Clarity is power. Clarity gives momentum. Clarity creates possibilities. Clarity makes reflection possible. Clarity is a must for contemplation, implementations and application. In Mahabharat, Arjun could not bring himself to fight till he had ‘complete’ clarity. He ceaselessly asked questions and Krishna patiently kept on answering. The wisdom of Krishna needs the questions of Arjuna for it to be revealed.



Some students don’t ask, thinking, they might offend the teacher. You need the clarity the teacher can provide. So keep asking.



Some students don’t ask, thinking, they might look stupid. The answers will help you to become wise. So keep asking.



Some students don’t ask, thinking, they might be laughed at. Let your results do the talking. So keep asking.



Some students don’t ask, thinking, they will find the answers on their own. Of course you can. But it will take a hell of a lot of time. Do you have the luxury of so much time? I guess your answer is NO. Then, keep asking.



When you ask questions, you DO NOT display ignorance. You display that you have a ‘THINKING MIND’. All good teachers, all successful people, love to interact with people who ask to learn.



Learning proceeds fast through questions. Learn fast so that you can become wise fast.



May you always dare and care to ask and become ‘wise’! May you never keep your doubts and ignorance hidden and quiet, and therefore, stay ‘otherwise’?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






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