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Success depends on many factors. One factor that is superbly important, yet, below the radar of glamour is ‘having an abundance mentality’.



Abundance mentality? What does that mean? Is it, having a positive mental attitude (PMA)?



“Abundance mentality” is MORE than having a PMA. When we have a PMA…



a) We look at how things can be done rather than why they can’t be done.



b) We believe “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”



c) We look at possibilities rather than problems.



This mindset of PMA is important for success. However…



Abundance mentality takes us beyond PMA. It eliminates small term thinking and offsets negative energy too. It puts us in a fantastic frame of emotions. It fills us with gratitude and therefore, makes us believe, we are NOT ALONE. There is a larger force that is guiding us and working with us. It makes us believe, I needed this experience for my lovely ‘future’



PMA makes me search for the right in the situation. Abundance mentality makes me ‘BELIEVE’ right exists even when none exists in the situation.



People with an abundance mentality believe…



  1. a) There are enough resources available to accomplish their goals.
  2. b) They believe that their success doesn’t mean failure for others. On the contrary, the more successful they are, the more others are affected in a positive way.
  3. c) They ARE happy when friends and associates prosper.
  4. d) They enter every business transaction with a “win/win” attitude. They win when their clients win.



Here are some things that can be done to DEVELOP an abundance mentality:



  1. i) Make a solid commitment to your personal growth.
  2. ii) Set up a learning system for yourself..



iii) Participate in ‘self-development’ programs consistently.

  1. iv) Help others grow. “When you help someone get to the top of a mountain, you also arrive there.” Seeing people grow as a result of your efforts, enhances abundance mentality.
  2. v) Utilize the synergy of a support group. Join up people who share your interests.
  3. vi) Count your blessing.



vii) Meet inspirational people.



Abundance starts in your mind and invades your heart. The more you think abundantly, the more abundance you enjoy. The more abundance you enjoy, the more success you achieve.



May 2016 be a year of abundance like never before. I am wishing myself the same.



Abundantly yours,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.

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