Dearest Darling Friends,


Life has a way of NOT ALLOWING us to forget bad moments.


For me….


– They linger like scratches on a record, interrupting the smooth flow of happy memories with a jarring crackle.


– They become stubborn weeds that sprout unexpectedly in the garden of my mind.


– They feel like etched scars on the face of my soul, a constant reminder of past wounds.


One day I read, “THAT BAD MOMENT” is life’s way to teaching you. Remembering it again and again is you punishing yourself! Stop it !!! This words stopped me in my tracks.


I scanned my life and found that decisions made in the grip of ‘THAT BAD MOMENT’ created a mine field of pain and destruction (lost relationships) in the path of my life.


I told myself…


– Without friction, there is no growth

– The obstacle in front of me is the very obstacle that will enable me to grow!

– The right way to see ‘THAT BAD MOMENT’ is as opportunity and not as a roadblock!


I decided to Make THAT moment work for me, and not against me.


A lot of us believe that we are fighting different circumstances in our lives. The truth of the matter is that we are NOT fighting circumstances, we are fighting ourselves.


The enemy is never the BAD MOMENT we are in. The enemy is how we look at that MOMENT.


What do you think?

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