Dearest Darling Friends,


The other day I was at the Google India office. My host kindly offered me lunch promising me. ‘This might be the best corporate lunch you would have ever experienced in your life.’


Now, I am a connoisseur of good things. On top of that, food has always been one of my ‘no regret weakness’ in my life.


The lunch was indeed yummy with a wide array of food in a tastefully done cafeteria. My eyes were gleaming with joy and excitement. My tastebuds were subjected to many rounds of challenges with tasty food of different tastes, textures, and cultures.


My stomach expanded its intake capacity miraculously and I overate gleefully. When I could eat no more, I noticed, my plate still had a little leftover.


My eyes looked at my host pleadingly and asked, “I can’t eat more. May I leave this food on the plate?”


My host Rachna didn’t answer and just smiled back. Conveniently, I decoded her smile as a YES YOU MAY.


We all got up with our plates and moved towards the handwash and the soiled dish area. As I put my soiled plate in the tray, I saw a placard that left me a little numb and hugely embarrassed.


The placard read, “Love Food. Hate Waste. We wasted 37 kgs of food yesterday that could have fed 62 people.”


No one said anything to me. My host Rachna did not even mention it. I was terribly upset with myself.


My dear Google – ‘What a brilliant way to communicate’. Hats off to you.  


As my Uber arrived, I hugged my hosts a bye. From within the cab, I waved to my hosts and saw a parking sign there that said, ‘Reserved for expecting moms’.


They won my heart all over again for their sensitivity to wastage and to expectant moms. Needless to add, I will never waste food, ever again.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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