Dearest Darling Friends,

Love is a cake that comes in layers. The top layer is the most appealing one. This is the one we see first. Then we cut into it and we see many different layers.

Every layer feels different. Some layers are beautiful. Some layers are sweeter than others. Some layers are mysterious and keeps us puzzled. Oh yes, there are some layers we do not want, yet, no cake has been made without these unwanted layers.

In love, we do things we wouldn’t have ever done otherwise. We break boundaries. We throw caution to the winds.

In love, we feel things we wouldn’t have ever felt otherwise. We feel we can touch a moving train with the tip of our toe and the train will go somersaulting. We feel we can conquer the skies and touch the moon.

Love also makes us write. We write and send and that is followed by the anxiety to receive answers. When the answer is a little delayed we are anxious have we offended our loved one. Ahaa, all of this is so painfully sweet…it’s fascinating.

There is another fascinating aspect of love – the physical experiences of love. The emotion of receiving and conveying pleasure is sensational. It’s unbelievable how our entire body, our fingers, lips, eyes, smells becomes a messenger. Our whole body becomes involved.

Before you stop reading what I have written and go of in search of your love, here is a word of caution. Not everything about love is sweet. There are possible dark sides to this passion heavy, free flowing, all encompassing, love.

1. You wish to be EVERYTHING for your love. When that does not happen, the more you love, the more jealous you get. Even if 1% of your love is shared, it is painful. From the air around the person, to the people who love them, to a glance someone gives to them, to the smile they give to someone, to a simple touch, to the way they look at something, you feel overwhelmed in jealously. Its painful.

2. Then, there is the layer of suffering. Distance, remoteness, taken for granted, separation, horror, ignored, used. The suffering of not seeing whom you want to see, and not being with your love. The suffering of your love not able to SEE YOUR LOVE. The suffering of not being enough for your love. What we see as a majestic monument is seen by the other as ruins. Ufff. It’s painful. You cry. You pray. You punish yourself. There is no answer.

Hmmm, all these layers define love. All these layers are part of the cake of love. In other words, love is great for some, excruciatingly painful for some and mysteriously complex for all.

Do you still want to be in love? I for one, definitely say a resounding YESSSSSSS.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


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