Life is sometimes crazy and difficult to understand. We all go through a few of these times.


Sometimes milk turns sour. Sometimes fruits rot. Sometimes tsunamis happen.

Sometimes people change.


When it happens, we long to know the why. We find it difficult to move on

without knowing the answer to ‘why, why why?’


In reality, we rarely come to know the ‘why’. We want closure and we do not get it.

We struggle. Grief takes over our life.


1. A young boy takes to drugs and dies while over speeding. The parents are good people. What can be their possible closure?


2. A father has a fling and a simple, devoted wife/mother is broken. What could be her possible closure?


3. A loyal employee, after 25+ years of service is laid off. In the church, he is looking for answers. What could be his possible closure?


4. A bystander gets killed by a stray bullet in a senseless act of violence. Why? Why? Why? What could be the possible closure for his family?


The need for closure is our right. Waiting for closure may take a lifetime. It may still not happen. Grief will be prolonged.


Acceptance is difficult. It is a struggle as there is no ‘good enough’ explanation that satisfies our inherent goodness and our minds.


Yet, over a period of time, with acceptance, we regain our magic, our vivacity, our unbridled joy and our life.


Move on. Closure or no closure, move on. You can do it. I believe in you.

You are stronger than you believe. I am with you in this.


If sharing your profound grief helps, do write to me. I will do what I can do.

And I will keep praying that you find your strength and move on.


Come on my dear friend. Come on.

With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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