Dearest Darling Friends,

It’s that time of the year again. Its new year time.

A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start.

A new year resolution is a promise that can make YOUR life AWESOME.

On a lighter note, in Italy there is a saying, “May your miseries in life be as short as your new year’s resolution”.

Enough of jokes. Time for focus. It’s a proven fact that when you decide to achieve something, and you back it with action, chances of achievements become high.

Boringly, we speak about having new year’s resolution around body, mind, intellect & emotions. This year, let’s change it a little bit. Let us set a BAGEL new year goal.

Ahhaaa! What is a BAGEL new year goal? Read on to find out more.

B – BUY – What are the things that you WISH to BUY this year?
E.g. I want to buy a Nikon DSLR camera costing 50k by June.

A – ACHIEVE – What are the things that you want to ACHIEVE? (success + failure + breakthrough)
Ex: I want to achieve a fit body with 20% fat. (Currently I am at 29%)

G – GIFT – What are the things that you want to GIFT?
Ex: I want to gift a long trip to Europe to my wife as its going to be her 50th birthday.

E – EXPERIENCE – What are the things that you want to EXPERIENCE?
Ex: I want to experience sky diving and a road trip to Banaras

L – LEARN – What are the things that you want to LEARN?
Ex: I want to learn how to play the mouth organ.

The BAGEL goal setting includes fun, adventure, gratitude, development, celebrations making it holistic goal setting. Give it a shot. You might just love the adventure. May 2020 be the best year ever of your life.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.

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