Dear Darling Amazingly Special Human,


Something magical happens when one genuinely listens, when people talk about their lives, and what’s important to them.


– They open up.
– They respect you.
– They see you as genuine.


Why? It is because everyone wants to be heard by a genuine person.


The sight of stars in a dark night sky makes one believe, everything is not dark. There is beauty in darkness too.


The fragrance of Lotus in mucky waters, makes one believe, everything is not soiled. There is elegance in complications too.


In the silent darkness that permeates a part of every human life, when we let a person be seen, be heard, and be considered special – it feels divine to them.


Every philosopher says, it is important to find meaning in life.


Imagine, who you will be, when you give meaning to people in these moments of life.


YOU will be giving a peaceful and quiet confidence to them that NOTHING else can provide. And that, is extremely powerful.


As you surf through your life, if there are questions that haunt you, confusions that makes you uncertain, and if you wish me to write on them, please let me know.


I am listening!


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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