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If you wish to do anything new or big, if you wish to take initiative to solve a problem that exists, if you wish to help someone by going out of your way, rejection is bound to happen.



When that happens, you have four options:



  1. Fight (Take that person head-on) – Take it personal. How dare someone reject you? They are WRONG. They are AGAINST you. They must be DEFEATED or bad named. Feel angry. Revenge !!!



  1. Flight (Run) – Drop your idea. Accept rejection. Give up. Say things like…It is not my cup of tea…or, If only I had more support I would have done it…or, No one understands me so its pointless to pursue, My time is not right, etc. Feel fear. Feel sad.



  1. Freeze (Get dazed) – The rejection was unanticipated. You become numb. You are not able to think. You are in a kind of shock. You loose your wits. You feel let down. You feel deeply disappointed. You feel depressed.



  1. Flower (Develop) – As we say in Life School, ‘Everyone cherishes and admires the beauty of the butterfly. No one really thinks about the ‘changes’ it went through to BECOME a Butterfly. In every criticism, in every rejection, you search for an ‘insight’ for improvement. You get fascinated by rejections. You listen to the rejections objectively. Some rejections are truly valid, some are beautiful in parts, while some are perceptions that may not make sense to you. You do not react to the rejections emotionally. You treat them intellectually. You feel DETERMINED with every rejection. It broadens your mind and shapes your ideas. You express a prayer of gratitude for every rejection. Why? Because, irrespective of the rejection being right or wrong, it did help you to take a deeper dive and understand your ideas better.



Do not let rejections ‘break you’. Let the rejections ‘shape you’. I am sure you must have some experiences in life, that is a testimony to the previous two statements.



Would love to know how you have dealt with rejections and how have rejections shaped your life.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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