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Ravi was a young man who was bitten by the spirituality bug. He started believing, having spiritual knowledge makes him superior to other people. People started telling him he was being arrogant. He believed, they were being jealous.



One day, he read a few translated lines from the vedas. What caught his attention was these words…”Spiritual evolution is possible only for HUMBLE people.”



The faces of people who had said he was being arrogant, flashed across his eyes. While he did not want to believe their words, he did not want to take a chance in going off track from spirituality.



He approached an old wise man and asked him, “I wish to be humble, but I don’t know how to be one. Some people call me arrogant. I think they are jealous of me. How do I know if they are right or am I right? What must I do to acquire humility?”



The old wise man thought for a minute and replied, “Here is what you should do… go out and find someone who is inferior to you and do something nice for him. Give him something that you have or do something for him that needs to be done.”



Ravi replied, “I can do that!” He immediately left and came upon a homeless man on the street who looked like he had not eaten in days. He took the man to a road side restaurant and bought him a nice hot meal. After he dropped off the homeless man, Ravi, who was feeling pretty good, returned to the wise man and told him what he had done. He then asked him, “Do I now have humility?”



The wise old man replied, “Not yet!”



Ravi’s face fell and after a while, he asked the wise man, “What else must I do to acquire humility?” The wise man said, “Go out and find someone else who is inferior to you and do something nice for him.”



This upset Ravi who replied, “But I did that already! If I go help someone else, will I then have humility?” The wise man replied, “No you will not!”

This upset Ravi even more and he asked, “How many people do I have to help… 10 people?”






“100 people?”






“I don’t understand… please tell me how many people I have to help? How will I know when I have obtained humility?” asked Ravi.



The wise old man replied, “You will have obtained humility when you can no longer find anyone that you think is inferior to you!”



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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