Dearest Darling Friends,

My boss whom I fondly called G, always managed to stay cheerful no matter how great the provocation was. One day, I asked him, if this was an inborn quality in him?

He smiled and replied, ‘Till my 30s, I used to get angry often. One evening, my father-in-law was waiting for me at the reception of my office. We were to go to a wedding together and he had come a little early. He heard me screaming in my cabin at a colleague.”

Boss G went silent for a few seconds and I could hear the gentle humming of the AC. His smile became bigger, Boss G looked at me and said, “While returning home, both of us were in a great mood. We were excitedly chatting about how good the wedding was when my father-in-law became quite. I asked him, ‘Is everything ok”. In his answer, in measured terms,  he said, ‘Anyone who angers you, has conquered you.’”

It was Boss G’s turn to become quiet. That one statement by his father-in-law was the turning point in Boss G’s life. He looked at me and said, ‘Since that day, I decided NOT TO ALLOW anyone but myself to conquer me. Once that decision was taken, cheerfulness became easy.’

When I heard Boss G share this intimate story of his life, it became a turning point for me too. If you ever ask me, ‘Naren, how are you?’, irrespective of what I going through in life, my answer will always be, ‘I am on Top of the World’. Thanks to Boss G and his F-in-L.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


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