Dearest Darling Friends,



How are you? Fine. Really?



I have an issue with the word, ‘Fine’. You are NOT fine. You are fantastic!!!



All around there are million ways to be excited. And we are fine???



Doesn’t the word ‘fine’ remind you of the penalty you were FINED for, when you were caught in a traffic violation or the amount you paid for delay in fee submission or the money you were asked to cough up for various reasons leading to complete discomfort.



You pleaded to escape the ‘fine’. And now you say, ‘I am fine’.  Come on man! You can do better than that !!!



My contention is, when you say ‘fine’ you actually mean to say, ‘My life is boring’ !!!



How can life be boring? Ahaaa! Must be because of the inner snooze button. Now, what is this ‘inner snooze button’, you might ask.



When ideas to ‘live excited’ pop up, and we say,


*  “It’s outside comfort zone, postpone,” we just pressed the inner snooze button.


*  “Let others do it. I will wait and watch and THEN decide”, we just pressed the inner snooze button.


*  “I want to do it but I am scared people will make fun of me”, we just pressed the inner snooze button.


*  “It’s not urgent yet. I can do it later. Right now, let me give in to temptations”, we just pressed the inner snooze button.


Stop living a BORED LIFE. Start living a FANTASTIC LIFE. Fine is not fine anymore, right? YESSSS. That’s a smart decision.



With love, prayers and best wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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