Dearest Darling Friends,



The lady had the entire audience in rapt attention. She was asked, ‘How did you deal with so much pain you had to go through?’



She smiled. She took a deep breath. In that moment, the entire audience was not a mass of people but one identity. Waiting. Even if she had whispered, it would have sounded like a huge roar. And she spoke.



“One, by nature I am not a quitter. There was no way, I would have QUIT happiness. My happiness, my peace is supremely important to me.



Two, healing comes from surrender of ego. When I blame someone or something, there is no surrender. I feel no need for change or acceptance or to take charge.



When I surrendered my ego, I was no more searching for someone to blame for my pain. I asked myself questions like ‘what is this teaching you, what is the purpose here, what’s the lesson’? With surrender, I got rid of self pity. Feeling sorry for myself makes it worse and NEVER better. That is how I healed myself.”



I was one of the audience. I learned three very important lessons that will help me to heal every time I am in pain.



1) My happiness should be MORE important than my misery.



2) When in pain, ask questions like, ‘what is this teaching you, what is the purpose here, whats the lesson’?



3) Feeling sorry for myself, makes things worse and NEVER better.



Guess what? I am no more scared of pain. This means, I am no more scared of life. Wonderful, isn’t it?



Did this LSM resonate with you? Could you connect to the lady or to me? Would love to know your thoughts. Feel free to connect, agree, disagree, debate.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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