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Here is the story of Nadia. Get ready for a range of emotions as you read this story.



The slave market opened at night. We heard commotion downstairs where the militants were. When the first man entered our dinghy room we started screaming. Our screams sounded like explosions. We moaned, wailed, invoked the name of Allah, but nothing stopped the militants. Forget about stopping, they did not even slow down.



They paced around, their eyes piercing our clothes, while we screamed and attempted to hide behind each other. Then they gravitated towards the most beautiful girls examining their hair and mouths. ‘They’re virgins, right?’ they asked a guard who nodded like a shop-keeper priding in his products.



They touched us anywhere they wanted, running their hands on our breasts and legs, as if we were animals.



“As I lay there crying, a huge monstrous man came in front of me. His name was Salwan. He started kicking me. He then lifted me and……”



19-year-old Nadia Murad was repeatedly raped, tortured, sold and resold for 3 months by ISIS militants.



It took the teenager humongous spunk to escape from her last captor’s house in Mosul on a hot summer night in 2014.



She was given shelter by a kind carpenter’s family who eventually smuggled her out of Iraq with a disguised identity and sent her to Germany in early 2015.



It saw the start of a new life and a crusade against human trafficking.



From Mosul in Iraq to the Peace Nobel in Sweden, her journey has been the most awe-inspiring saga of will power and courage I’ve ever heard.



May god bless the carpenters who laid their lives on line to save an abused child. While Nadia is the spoken and recognized heroine of the story, they are the unspoken and unrecognized heroes of the story.



If destiny gives you an opportunity to be a part of this story in retrospect, which role do you see yourself playing? Nadia? The Carpenters? The others girls who suffered but did not have the spunk to fight it out? Those who knew about all this yet did nothing? Difficult to answer isn’t it?



This story has given me sleepless nights. Waiting to see where it leads me to.



With love, prayers and best wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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