Dear Darling Friends,



There is an old saying “When one door closes, God opens another door for you.”



How true this is. However, there is a part two of this statement that was left unsaid. Part two (the unsaid part) says…it is my responsibility to look, search and find the ‘another door’. My foolhardiness is when I keep on looking at the closed door waiting for it to somehow open again. Others doors have been opened for me, my tragedy is I miss them all for I kept on looking ‘only’ at the closed door waiting for ‘this’ door to open for me!



The statement does not say the very same door will open. It says, “God opens ‘another’ door for you.”



The guy, who had made thousand promises to take care of her, ditched this lovely girl Shanti leaving her devastated.



For Shanti, life now appeared meaningless. Often she thought of committing suicide. Something stopped her. It could have been her fear. It could have been a faintest glimmer of unexplained and sub-conscious hope.



After seven months, weak and disheartened, she started looking for a job. After a few failed attempts, she found an ok job with a co-operative boss. From him she received motivation and high responsibilities. Her career took off. She grew in self-belief. The smile returned on her face.



Today she is married to a Doctor who loves her no ends. They have pride in their two children. The crestfallen mindset post the ‘ditching’, is a faint memory. Sometimes, it feels part of a stranger’s memory. The smile has returned to her soul too!



When one door was closed, another was opened. For seven months Shanti’s mistake was she kept on looking at the closed door, wishing it to open.



Those seven months were tragic for Shanti.



Did she deserve them? Was the ‘ditcher’ responsible for her ‘state’ or was Shanti responsible for her ‘state’?



I am happy Shanti’s life is back on track. I have learnt a very important lesson from her experience. If I ever go through a stage when the door, which was the passage to my dreams, suddenly closes inexplicably, I will begin searching for ‘other’ doors.



Whether it is a loss of relationship, or it is a loss of business opportunity; whether it is a holiday you did not go to or a course you did not do; whether it is rains on the day you planned for a picnic or a tournament you lost; whether it is a bad decision or wrong guidance; live by this understanding, at least one door is open for me somewhere. I must find it!



My conviction in life from now on is, “Another door has been opened. I must search for it starting NOW!”



There seems to be immense strength flowing within with this realization. My friends, can you feel the strength too?



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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