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Have you ever attempted to change your mind and failed? For eg. you want to give up on your past failures and move on with confidence. Yet, memories of that failure haunt you and weaken your resolve?


Have you ever convinced yourself about a new step and failed? For eg. you told yourself – enough is enough. You are fed up of your own laziness. You decided to wake up early and go for your exercise. Only thing is, when you woke up, you again postponed exercising by another day!


Do you then feel sad and tell yourself, ‘You cannot do anything properly!’.


Do not give up on yourself. Here is a simple solution for you.


Sometimes a full-on frontal assault on the mind does not work. Change your tactics. Outflank your mind.


Fool ( the enemy ) your mind into thinking that you are taking the easy route. Let the mind think it has won!


When it believes that it has won, visualize it is raising its arms in victory. Ahaa! Perfect timing! Gently start your counter attack.


Let me give you a metaphor. You are no more breaking the lock with a hammer. You are using the key and moving inside the lock to open it up.


Basically, we are weakening that strong feeling of ‘not to do’ what you don’t want to do.


There are a lot of times in life when you don’t want to be disciplined, go for that run, complete the project, be respectful, sleep on time, save a little money, etc.


Tell yourself that you are just going to start on it today, maybe not complete it.


Just tell yourself you are going to run 2 kms instead of the 5 you had originally planned.


This relaxes the mind.


Discipline looked stressful, a long run looked stressful, completing the project looked stressful…but just starting it or running only 40% of the original plan alleviates the stress.


However, as we all know, once you get started on something, your mind will shift. It will run the extra kms, you will put in more time into the project etc.


Your mind thought it has won. Surprise! You ended up doing MORE than what you had planned.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,




Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.


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