Dearest Darling Friends,
I have received this amazing letter from one of the purest souls I know. I am sure, you will feel light and peaceful having read it. I did. I have edited it to ensure I share what is relevant to you.

For those of you who have a taste for the spiritual, you will feel ‘ONE’ here and there with this LSM. For those of you who love nature, you will feel as if she is speaking your thoughts. For those of you, who have managed to retain your innocence, you will feel the wonder she felt. I will leave the others to discover what is meant for them.,,,

When we say ‘I am touched’ we generally talk about being touched by someone, by someone’s kind words, by someone’s kind actions. I would have thought of it in this way too….

Well my spiritual journey began just like this…I saw a poor man on a footpath sitting in the rain…he had covered himself with a plastic sheet and he put out his hand through that sheet to feel the rain drops. I was touched, something inside me moved, there was a ‘tug’ at my heart and I remember very well Naren, you asked me to keep it alive and so I have done….

Naren, I never knew that I can say ‘I am touched’…even for God’s creation…Yes!!! ……I am touched by Gods creation…

I am in love with the Kingfisher bird…I love it the most…if you ever observe it, it is a small bird with lot of grace. The shape of it’s beak, it’s beautiful hues and the most amazing thing about that bird is that it sits rock still….you will never find it fluttering around like other birds. It continues to sit still (as though it is meditating….ha ha ha) unless it wants to catch something to eat….it will fly…catch it’s food and come back to the same place and continue to sit rock still…..amazing. I always wonder if I can be like this magnificent creature…Be rock steady deep inside? Act when I am supposed to and then come back to the state of oneness…..hmm I wonder…

I am also touched by one of the God’s most magnificent creation…Trees!
They withstand all the weather conditions….they are totally independent and selfless…..they just give and give…absolutely everything to humans….they are deeply rooted and it’s amazing how they live in harmony with everything around itself…..I again wonder…can I be like that?
Be strong like them and withstand everything that comes across in life?…..can I too be independent and selfless at the same time, live in harmony with everyone?

God’s one of the smallest creations, a seed also touches me.
I was eating a ‘Ramphal’ and was really relishing that fruit…it is the yummiest fruit….do you like it too? Well I was spitting the seeds back into my plate and suddenly it struck me that WOW! A tiny thing such as this seed…has such tremendous potential. It actually gives birth to a whole new BIG tree which will bear thousands of fruits in its lifetime…and it will give the most tasty fruits ever. All it does is gives itself totally in the hands of nature and it lets the magic happen…it has so much trust in ‘Him’….that tiny little seed does not need any counseling or pep up talks, that it is the best and will always do the best…..isn’t it?

I keep wondering again and again…Can I do the same….give myself…surrender completely to ‘Him’….and wait for the magic to happen. When will I reach this stage? If a tiny seed can do it….I am a full grown human with highly developed senses and intelligence….I 100% should do it too.
This might sound a bit crazy…but since this realisation I have stopped chucking my fruit seeds in the bin…I always throw it back where it belongs…in the soil…

Well, I also think of it in a way that…if God’s forces like wind, water, birds and animals can help in seed dispersal….so can I….After all Naren, you keep saying it to me…that I am one of his precious creation….isn’t it?

I am touched! Means a lot to me now and I have decided to keep myself open…alert to everything around me so, that I can learn more from ‘Him’…never know what might strike me hard and change my life completely.

By the way I AM working on all the things that I shared with you and it’s amazing because whenever I do something wrong in a day, I immediately think of all that I have just shared with you and it helps me to deal with the situation in a better way.

Lots and lots and lots of love

Neha Kanpile

Dearest Darling Friends,

What did you feel with this LSM? Did it touch you too? For what would you say, ‘I was touched’? Would love to read your thoughts and experiences.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


As I live…I learn

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