Dearest Darling Friends,



Take a monkey from the wild. Name him Chimpu. Put Chimpu in a cage in a zoo. The spirited, lively Chimpu will soon lose his energy and vitality. He will start looking dull. Why?



Chimpu feels sad because he feels helpless in hunting for his own food or finding his mate or swinging joyfully for kilometres. In other words, Chimpu is no longer in control of its own destiny.



After a few months, take Chimpu out of the cage in the zoo and return it to the jungle.



Chimpu still acts helpless and never regains its energy and vitality. He doesn’t realize that he is no longer helpless. He doesn’t realise, he is out of the zoo cage and can master his destiny once again.



Our life too, constantly ‘offers possibility’ between the wild, dramatic, freedom of the jungle vs the tame, dull, secure, confines of the cage in the zoo.



Our dreams, ambitions, purpose lead us to the wild freedom of the jungles. In the jungle, there are no guarantees. Sometimes we get food (success), sometimes we don’t. However, the possibilities are huge. So is the insecurity.



Our failures, fixed mindsets, our ego, lack of purpose, leads us to the safe confines of the cage in the zoo. There is hardly any danger here. The world is safe and very small. Life is slow and repetitive.



Any dream or outlandish adventurous desires are quietly hushed up with this thought, “That is not for me” or “That is not my cup of tea”.



There is one difference though. For Chimpu, the zoo and the jungle, are two different real phenomenon. They are two different places.



For you and me, the zoo and the jungle, are in the same place. And that place, my friends, is inside our minds.



We can actually switch our residence from one place to the other – from the zoo to the jungle – ourselves. Isn’t it? Do you agree?



Which place do you find yourself residing in? Why? Would love to know your thoughts.



Do read this mail again and allow Chimpu to talk to you. You will be glad you did.



Your human chimpu (also called naren)



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.

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