Dearest Darling Friends,
A few days ago, in our morning Satsang called “Life Lessons”, we were discussing on the word ‘failure’.

Here is what two of my dear students wrote and expressed.

Amit Shah……

I think and I must have read it somewhere that “In Life …. we are obligated to try and not to succeed!”

These words made me feel so very light. This is what I understood from Amit’s words. I am obligated to give my BEST to the opportunities that I have. If I succeed, fair enough! If I don’t, I still sleep peacefully for I know, I GAVE IT MY BEST. Amit’s words make life ‘simple’. It takes the pressure of results and public opinion away. Ahaa! I am obligated to GIVE my best. I think this must be the reason for MS Dhoni and his cool demeanour. Failing after giving my BEST has no shame. Wow! All I can say is ‘Thank you Amit Shah’.

As I digested Amit Shah’s mail, I received a mail from a true blue sweet-heart Kuldeep Ruchandani. He writes and I copy paste his words…

In the movie, Eight Below, Bruce Greenwood says to Paul Walker.. “we go up the mountain not to see what we know but to see what we don’t know”. To me it is a powerful statement, which says life is uncertain and there is a price to be paid for anything we want to achieve….for the beautiful view from top of the mountain, I need to climb the mountain….
In costing, once our professor had taught us the simplest yet profound definition of “Cost”, he said “it is a sacrifice made to gain something” Naren, you have also taught that to gain something we must be willing to pay its price.

Often in life, we have clarity on what we want to achieve but not on the price involved to achieve that. When we are determined to achieve what we want and we are willing to pay the price without realizing the price, others see it as a risk, but to us it is a process of exploring the possibilities….

Other’s say he is “Risking Failure”. I say, if I don’t do it, I am risking failure. What a beautiful way to put it… “Risking Failure”.

Aren’t the above words from Kuldeep truly deep and amazing? They blew me away! Wow! I repeat, Other’s say he is ‘Risking Failure’. I say, if I don’t do it, I am ‘Risking Failure’.

To summarise and to present the essence of the loving mails from my darlings Amit Shah and Kuldeep Ruchandani, would it be apt if I write….

“In Life …. we are obligated, not to succeed but to give our BEST” + willingness to pay the price necessary for our dreams + risking failures = possibility of an exciting life”.

Please do correct me if I am wrong. If these thoughts concurs with yours, would love to know about that too. Waiting for you to press the reply button.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


As I live…I learn

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