Dearest Darling Friends,



It is not that hard to return a call or reply to a text or to answer a mail. Am I right?



‘I have just been so busy over the last couple of days’



‘I just didn’t get the chance’



‘I thought it is a broadcast message’



These are the all too often cited excuses for the wall of silence which meets your text or call or mail. It is frustrating.



These excuses are not good enough. No one is too busy to take 30 seconds to response unless you are stalking someone or you are a bore. Even more incensing is that people don’t think they have done anything wrong. They are actually convinced by their own feeble excuses that they are right.



The truth is, ‘Ignoring people by not responding to them, is simply and plainly, disrespecting them’.



You probably know someone who falls into this category of disrespecting others by ignoring their messages/mails/calls. Or, is it that you are guilty of doing this?



Probably, the defense is, I get the same usual ‘forward’ from so many. How to reply to all of them? I get these badly designed motivational messages that do not appeal to me. Why to reply to them?



Here is a solution. This is what I did and it has worked well. I respectfully requested friends who sent forwards that, “I would love to read your ‘original’ thoughts and feelings. Is it ok if I request you to refrain from sending me ANY and ALL forwards?” Most people obliged immediately without any hard feelings whatsoever. A few friends needed a few reminders but they too stopped. Now, my inbox or my phone does not buzz incessantly. If it buzzes, it does so for a significant reason.



I have also scheduled a 15 minute time slot for responding to messages and mails. Normally it is at 8.15 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm. This ensures, I do not waste my time by being constantly on my phone. It also makes me more productive. All of us want that, right?



A question may arise here. What if super urgent matters arise? Super urgent matters are communicated by landline phones. Do you remember landline phones? Yes, they do exist even today!



No one likes to be disrespected. I believe, you are a very good human being. People expect respect from you. Lets give it to them by responding to them. Has anyone noticed. We respond to every mail that is sent to us. Everyone of them. That is our way of respecting you.



With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,






Imagine, when we wake up, we are given only what we had thanked for.



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