Lovely classification of team members based on how they reacted when encountered with a stumbling 🥴 block and the actions they took:


  1. Did not do anything about it till asked for a status.
  2. Reported it proactively.
  3. Found potential solutions and reported.
  4. Found possible solutions, identified the best solution, and reported.
  5. Found potential solutions, identified the best solution, implemented it(or at least tried), and reported.


Goes without saying, (1) is the most concerning and a combination of (4) and (5) as the ideal.


(5) is what ownership is all about. One of the most desirable qualities most people look for in a team member.


The interesting part is that unless this classification is explicitly laid out and communicated, many team members do not even realize that they are (1) and that is a big problem.


Looking forward to your kind comments. Even one word or an emoji is great 👍.
With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,
As I live…I learn


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