I have seen falls. I have seen insults. I have seen failures. 


I have also seen one worse thing. Avoiding any chance of pain.


In the quest for super safety, so much is lost. It is no fun falling, but it is a disaster to live in fear.


Take some chances. Make that leap. We might get hurt but it will teach us great lessons.


It takes courage to accept pain. What we pay in courage is paid back in love and progress.


Mistakes are just results that show where we are. If we listen, they also show us what we need to do.


We are born into the journey of


1. Figuring things out until the day we die.


2. Searching for opportunities and taking leaps of faith in it.


With that comes injury. Sometimes we see the injury, sometimes we just feel it.


– Cuts show trying.
– Scars show healing.
– Loss shows love.


That’s life.


Feel all the fear in the world and take the tiniest steps forward.


Feel life. Feel all of life.
That will be us celebrating Diwali every day of our life.


With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,



Change your thoughts. Change your life
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