Dearest Darling Friends, 

From March 4th, I am putting myself to a new challenge. It will be one of the biggest life challenge I have ever undertaken.


The challenge is simple: waking up 28 consecutive workdays at 4:30 a.m., a challenge I call #beatthesun. I am used to waking up early (6 a.m. almost every day), but this time I want to go further.
Why am I doing this?


1. I want to test myself and break some old limits.
2. At the same time, I want to share my progress with the world.
3. The goal is to increase my morning time to see if it would increase my productivity
          and work-self-family-social balance.
I don’t know if this will work, but I want to give this a shot.


When I want to change something about me or when I wish to do achieve a breakthrough, I always begin by setting a challenging goal.


This is the most powerful way to breakthrough the mundane routine of life and experience freshness and delight.


Besides, I want to experience ‘peak fitness’ for the rest of my life. This challenge will be a great way to step up the efforts required for peak fitness.


Have I ever undertaken such challenges before?


Once I decided to meditate for 45 mins every morning for 45 days.


On another occasion, I decided to write a gratitude journal every day for 100 days.


Both transformed my life.


Any guiding principles? Of course! There are 9 of them!


1. To challenge limitations, make yourself accountable.


Being accountable is super powerful. This accountability, makes me go on even when I want to give up. For this challenge, I have opted to share my journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


When people know I am doing this, each one of them are unknowingly holding me accountable. I love that. I need that. I appreciate that.


Even if one person is getting inspired by this initiative, I cannot ever disappoint that person.


To make accountability more powerful, I have also created a What’s App group of people, who would love to participate in this #beatthesun challenge along with me.


If you wish to join in, click on this link.



2. Besides elevating their own life, a role model lifts many other people. It makes life purposeful.


Waking up so early is definitely not a normal thing! People will say that this would be impossible for them. And when they see, someone is doing what is impossible for them, their negative bias about themselves, weaken.


Who knows? There will be a few here who would give it a shot too and transform their lives.


3. Anticipate the obstacles and keep the antidotes ready.


I am thinking of everything that might bog me down and prevent me from reaching the goal I have wanted but have never achieved. (Peak fitness in this case)


Some obstacles I can think about in this 4.30 am challenge –
  • Plain simple laziness
  • Delayed dinner time
  • Going to bed much after 10 pm
  • Lure of OTT (don’t miss out of this amazing movie)
  • Self sympathy (you had tough day, you deserve to rest, etc)
  • No one at home getting disturbed by my morning schedule

There will certainly be a few situations that will make this #beatthesun hard. However, since I have anticipated these obstacles, I have created preventive measures too.


Can you guess what are the antidotes I have thought of? (Let me know if you want to guess them…hehe)
4. Habits help a lot.
  • I sleep well.
  • I fall asleep really fast (2 mins max).
  • When the alarm rings, I get out of bed instantly.


Of course, this is also a consequence of my lifestyle: I practice meditation every day. I don’t have big worries in my life. I love the work I do.


5. Nothing changes in one day.



It’s always about changing little things. After a few weeks or months, we feel the impact of all those little changes.


In this case of #beatthesun , make a small change – Forget the snooze!
Snooze is one of the worst inventions ever and it doesn’t even help people.


One simple snooze seriously affects your day — studies show that you will be even more tired after sleeping that 10 minutes. Moreover, this makes people delay several other things. Nothing good comes of snooze.


If you want to wake up at a certain hour, please do. Don’t delay it for 10 minutes!


6. More working hours.


Since I will be waking up at 4:30 a.m., I will win 2 hours of work per day. How?


After 8 p.m., I don’t do anything valuable. So, with this hack I took out 3 unproductive hours of my night, when I was usually wasting my time, and I won 2 hours in the morning, when I get lots of work done. And I get to sleep for 1 extra hour too. Haha.


A rested mind and 2 hours of complete silence while the rest the world is still sleeping are extremely powerful and creates miracles.


7. Consistency.


Nothing great can ever be achieved in life without consistency.


I was already going to the gym. But now, I will be going at least 4 or 5 times.


I truly believe that waking up earlier helps as I don’t go to the gym tired. And when I go,


I have already meditated and worked for an hour.


This helps in those days when I think I don’t have time to exercise.


8. Impossible during normal.


Waking up so early allowed me to see details around me that I have never seen before.


Going running while the sun is still rising or exploring different places in Pune during unexpected hours were impossible things with a “normal schedule.”


9. Build your willpower. 


Yes, I need the will to do it. If I don’t have the will, no one will have it for me. Conversely, when I have the will, no one will be able to stop me!


I need your best wishes to succeed. Wherever you are, do keep us in your prayers and keep cheering us up.


In the meanwhile, whatever you are doing in your life, count on me to be your cheer leader. Three cheers for you…Hip Hip Hurray!
The link to join this challenge –


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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