The biggest challenge in dealing with change is cooperation.


To get people to cooperate is an art. Sometimes, logic works.


Sometimes it is not logic but creativity that produces desired cooperation.



Here is an extraordinary story that I picked up about ‘creativity in getting cooperation’.



In the Kanpur Ordnance Factory’s ammunition manufacturing unit, workers were required to wear special anti-static shoes.


This was to prevent gun powder from being set off from static electricity when people walked around.



These shoes were delicate and not designed to withstand everyday usage.



Needless to say, these shoes were super costly too.



Nonetheless worker still wore them outside the factory, walked on streets, rode bicycles etc.


This withered the shoes off easily. The Ordnance factory was incurring a huge cost replacing these shoes.


Being a government factory, with the employees protected by unions, the management of the factory felt

very helpless in correcting the situation.



Inspite of repeated reminders, pleading and even multiple warnings, there was no change in the behaviour of the workers.


A committee was set-up to come up with a solution.


After much thought, one of the members suggested that the next order for the shoes should be like this –


Order all the right shoes in black and all the left shoes in white.



No one will dare wear the contrasting pair of shoes outside in public.



Problem was solved. Compliance happened. Brilliant, isn’t it?



Have you ever generated cooperation through creativity? If yes, please do share your wisdom with us.



If not, do you have another method to get cooperation from you? Do let us know.



I am eager to read and learn from your life wisdom.


With love, prayers, and exceptional wishes,


Change your thoughts. Change your life.


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