Dear Darling Friend,

Here are six primary signs of emotionally strong people.

1. They have successful friends. In other words, they are neither overawed nor intimidated by successful people. They are comfortable in their company for it makes them better.

2. They are okay with making genuine mistakes. In other words, they can embrace their vulnerability and not be scared by it. They understand the path of greatness is littered with mistakes.

3. They enjoy other’s success. In other words, they feel genuinely happen when someone does well. This enables them to develop solid relationships in their life.

4. They have a growth mindset. In other words, they enjoy becoming better.

5. They let you have the last word. In other words, they have no need to prove themselves.

6. They never carry grudges. In other words, they have a large heart and are not vindictive at all. This helps them to move forward…

What do you think about this? How strong are you emotionally? Do you agree with this list? Anything that I missed on this list?

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


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