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I got to know about DWT from my cousin sister and wasn’t really sure to do it or not. But after meeting Adi for the first time my view started to change. The energy he had and the way I was able to connect with him was amazing.
I was very nervous before we left for the boot camp, plus I had no gadgets with me. But all of it disappeared after we reached the camp! At the end of the first day I knew that this is one of the best decisions that I have ever taken and these 4 days are going to be some of the best days in my life.
Adi gave us lovely tips and insights that changed the way I saw everything. During the 4 day he made me push myself for which I was really mad at him, but after I was able to successfully complete them I felt wonderful.
I felt like a different version of me had come out, one that I loved. I look forward to every single Huddle session. I love listening to what DWT has to say. Every huddle changes the way I look at one aspect of my life.
I can say for sure that DWT is a must for every youth!

Daksh Kanoria

I am a part of DWT batch 12. It was amazing and we had a lot of fun! We realised tht life is very easy, we just make it hard. We discussed about all the problems students have may it be education, focus, discipline, family and the list goes on and on.
After this workshop I spoke with 2-3 people and asked them how I have changed. The reaction was amazing! People said “iska gussa na kam hogaya hai”, “jyada organised hai”, “sab ko Khush rakhi hai”. The best part is I learned that “the way u communicate can get everything done”. I also realised that “cribbing over life doesn’t help – only action does!”.
I also learned the pomodoro technique for improving my focus on academics and hobbies. I started with 4 pomodoros a day and now I can do almost 10! Feeling on top of the world. It makes everyday of mine really productive and enjoyable as well.
DWT has changed the way I look at people and also how they look at me!

I was a part of DWT Batch 12. It helped me find an edge in life and set my priorities right. I made friends from many different streams. It helped me improve my communication skills and public speaking. We had some amazing exercises which helped us break our comfort zones. I have chosen architecture as my career and being a part of DWT helps me a lot as I learnt to implement time management, leaderships qualities, and the importance of smart work.
All in all, DWT was a great experience for me!
What a beautiful place!
This was my reaction when I saw the place where we were supposed to have our session. We were all unknown to each other. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to mix up with everyone.
That weekend we all became very good friends. We could actually share everything and trust each other. There was a vast difference in me after the 1st weekend itself. Next two weeks we were given a task to exercise regularly. I did it but also skipped some days.
The last session we had was feedback. We had to give and take feedback’s from everyone. I think this really impacted me. I started believing in myself. Earlier I used to doubt myself for everything. I hardly doubt myself now. So I thank all my DWT mates for helping me do this.
Thank you!!

“Muzhe ye kaam Abhi nahi karna hai.. Ise mein badme kar lunga.. kya hai kya ye? Ittusa toh hai ye.. Aise hojayega aise..”

This habit of procrastinating things was a part of me before DWT. But NO MORE. I learn’t to value my first commitment FIRST, and say NO to other distractions. I learn’t to get over failures and hit them back with a bang!

DWT teaches you a lot of things. It not only helps you in analyzing your strength and weakness, but it helps in building them up too. It does help you to break down your comfort zones and come out! I am no long scared of public speaking! I learnt to being accountable to myself.

DWT is a program that increases your EQ a lot. It’s just not restricted to those 4 days but it goes year long. Every alternate Saturday you have a huddle and you learn new things and that’s amazing!.

Parag Gandhi

I want to keep coming back!

DWT is a program that brought a huge TRANSFORMATION in me. I got to know myself even better. And I found another family!
In the start I was not that keen to join but after the first session itself, I really got excited and wanted to learn more and more.

DWT helped me to break my comfort zones. From a complete introvert, I became a bit extrovert, I can make friends easily now, I can control my anger and irritation. I started working on my DIET and strength which was a huge task at first but now it’s a piece of cake.

During our batch event “THE ROAR” I found a new me! I overcame my stage fear and delivered a powerful speech which was a huge task for me. I was able to handle things easily and connect with people with real ease without hesitation.

My parents are super happy and overjoyed seeing this huge change in me, and this is all because of DWT.

Prachi Mehta

A year back I was forced by my aunt to do DWT as my sister was doing it but I refused.But later, after experiencing the Lifeschool Sports Convention, I felt I could prove myself and OUTGROW my LIMITATIONS.
At DWT I learnt about SELF BELIEF, self AWARENESS, overcoming FEARS and lot more.My approach towards things has now started becoming positive and FEARLESS. Inspite of the hyper person I used to be, I can now actually STAY CALM and analyse the situation and then react.
I met many new positive FRIENDS who I connect with regularly at the HUDDLES.
I also started having a better bond with my PARENTS.
At DWT, you will find MENTORS who will take super care of each one of you
who are a part of this program and help you to become a rock-star!
Thank you DWT for making me a part of such a wonderful experience.

Jyotish Mohinani