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Mentor +

What is Mentor+?
How does this program help?
Course Structure
What is Mentor+?



Firgun is an informal modern Hebrew term and concept in Israeli culture, which describes genuine, unselfish delight or pride in the accomplishment of the other.

Mudita is a word from Sanskrit and Pali that has no counterpart in English. It means unselfish joy. In Buddhism, Mudita is significant as one of the Four Immeasurables.


Firgun and Mudita, are regular experiences for a ‘Mentor’.


Athletes, businessmen, professionals routinely attribute their success to Mentors. Ambitious business leaders and ambitious professionals can leverage mentoring processes for developing, engaging and retaining talent. The greatest growth creator in any organisation is developed leadership and utilized potential. Mentorship, a relatively inexpensive tool, can deliver great results in developing leadership and in unleashing dormant potential.


Do you want to ‘pro-actively’ develop competencies in your people in line with the organisation’s strategic goals?


Do you want an alternative to external training, more cost effective, employee development program?

Do you want an approach that develops trust and confidentiality?


Do you want improved teamwork and co-operation between your people?


Would you love to understand how people learn, how to empower them, and how to develop their competence?


If the answer to even a single question above is a YES, registering for our MENTOR+ TBTD will be a brilliant idea.


For details contact Jo @ 7721065000 / jo@lifeschool.co.in


How does this program help?

This program benefits  Ambitious Businessmen, Professionals, Team Leaders, Department Heads.


From an organisation’s perspective, Benefits of Mentoring are…

  1. Puts high potentials on fast track 49%
  2. Enhances career development 62%
  3. Leadership development 63%
  4. Improves management skills 71%
  5. Retention of employees 73%
  6. Fulfillment and self-belief 100%
  7. Frees leaders for more important work 100%
  8. Recognition and appreciation 100%


If the concept of mentoring excites you, we are waiting for you with an amazing one day program…

Course Structure

How are the sessions conducted?

  • The sessions are conducted in an atmosphere of fun.
  • The sessions are governed by love to inspire and are inspired by love.
  • The sessions are celebratory, down-to-earth, insightful, and profound.
  • The sessions have superb interactions that make learning deep and easy.
  • The sessions use time tested tools that help participants see things in a new light.


What is the course structure?

  • It is a one full day training module.
  • It is scheduled as per requirements.


Managers, MBAs, Department Heads, Businessmen


Coming Soon

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