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Do you dare to voice your choice? The Abilene Paradox

On my birthday a couple of years back, I wanted to take my family out for dinner. I asked my wife where we can go. Knowing that I like Indian food, she immediately said: “Let’s go to Rajdhani - The Thali Restaurant.”

This is what the world needs today… Narendra Goidani

Attention is the first essential step on the path to building a relationship or creating a change. Without getting someone's attention, it is impossible to 'build' relationships or to create change. Advertisements are nothing but tools to get someone's attention.

Why this certificate is on DISPLAY at Warren Buffett’s office?

Did you know, which is that 'certificate on display’ at Warren Buffet's office? No, it is not an investment seminar he attended that gave him insights on investing. No, it is not the business course that he attended that expanded his business acumen. No, it is not the financial management course that helps him deal…

Let us see how to win from here…Narendra Goidani

Its all about mindset. Success, happiness, opportunities, is all about mindset. Carol Dweck speaks about ‘Growth Mindset’ in her seminal book 'Mindset'. In 2006, Australian cricket team reached Bangladesh after a long draining season. Brett Lee famously said, ‘There is no fuel in the tank, only fumes’...

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