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Have you heard about these words – ‘Hedonistic Adaptation’?

Have you heard about these words – ‘Hedonistic Adaptation’? Well, in oversimplified terms, it’s a phenomenon in which people want ‘more’ to maintain their happiness levels. Hedonistic Adaptation equates acquisition with satisfaction.

How a liftman actually lifted me! – Narendra Goidani

A few weeks ago, on Aug 29th, I was visiting the office of a dear friend of mine in Mumbai, Monish Ghatalia. His office is on the 11th floor. I saw three different kinds of lifts there.

Relevance of the Maori tradition for all of us

To rest one’s forehead against another’s, to touch nose to nose, to keep your eyes closed when doing so, is a part of the Maori tradition that says - Breathe in each other’s essence, form a deep connection and feel each other’s spiritual power.

How to know if I am peaceful or not? – Narendra Goidani

In a recent seminar, the participants were asked, “If you could choose any one thing that you MUST have….at any cost…what would it be?” The most popular choice was “PEACE”.

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