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How to persuade people? – Narendra Goidani

Michael Faraday was a British physicist and chemist, and one of Albert Einstein’s heroes. He is best known for inventing the electric motor. In the 1850s, through an experiment, he demonstrated electromagnetic induction and revealed to the world, the principle behind the electric transformer and generator.

A vital basis of every relationship – Narendra Goidani

Think and write down the names of a few important people in your life. Now think, what do they ‘need’ from you? what is that you ‘need’ from them?

Questions that need to be answered – Narendra Goidani

Once upon a time, in a small prosperous town, a number of pigeons lived happily in an ancient temple. When the renovation of the temple began for the annual temple fest, the pigeons lost their nest and they relocated themselves to a Church not even 100 meters away.

Innovative New Year Resolution – Narendra Goidani

It’s that time of the year again. Its new year time. A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. A new year resolution is a promise that can make YOUR life AWESOME. On a lighter note, in Italy there is a saying, “May your miseries in life be as short as your new…

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