As the name suggests, Life School is about sharing experiences, learning, and co-creating methods to inspire a fulfilling life.

The organization is centered on inspiring people to pursue their dreams and explore their potentials (through their signature program – Lets Explore).

Based on his own trials and tribulations of success, failure, and success again, the organization was founded by Naren (Narendra Goidani) to help and work with people to find their passion and strive to sustain it. India has produced many inspirational personalities, but has a potential to produce millions more. This is what Life School aspires to create – an environment of inspiration.

Life School has developed different models and initiatives to help people live, love and learn. The organization conducts programmes across all age groups. Life School ‘Ignite works with the youth to inculcate a habit of success, teamwork and contribution from a young and impressionable age. It helps corporates to create strong lasting brands. It helps organisations meet their training needs.It mentors leaders right at the top of the organisations.

Life School believes, teachers are the key to igniting change at the grass root levels. Through Life school Foundation, it has developed Keep Moving Movement (KMM). KMM is an initiative that travels around India to hold workshops for teachers across Tier I, II, and rural cities to demonstrate how they can make small changes to their pedagogy for larger impact. This movement has traveled to more than 15 cities across India and Sri Lanka, impacting more than 25000 teachers, and lakhs of students. Apart from these initiatives, the organization holds workshops for general public, business workshops, and weekly Life School Lessons early Sunday morning every week.

The organization has extended its workshops into literature and has launched 15 books over the last few years. It recently launched a 12 book series at an event titled “What Are You Waiting For?”. This book series focuses on all aspects of life from marriage, work, parenting and simply growing up.

Life School is not made from theory, but built on experiences. It is not about instructions and idealistic ideas.It is all about practical, pragmatic and ‘breakout of your comfort zone’ actions. It is all about discovery, actualizing and maximizing our potentials.

It is about a culture of inspired living. This culture is what they call – Life School.

NARENDRA GOIDANI a.k.a. Naren, founder of Life School, has been conducting inspirational training programs for people from all walks of life, since 1999. His main focus is on guiding people on Empowered Living. His long standing life value has been the words, ‘Inspire Or Expire’.

When I do my best, ‘He’ does the rest. When I do not do my best, ‘He’ continues to rest!

For everything Naren does, and every life he touches, these words form the root. Naren loves life. He cherishes relationships. He welcomes challenges.

He endeavors to fill this world with ‘Forces of Goodness’ – people who are good, and have the strength required to actually make a difference. With this invention every Tuesday he writes an article called the Life School Message (LSM). The LSM’s are moving and inspiring, and are read by thousands of readers across the world.

Naren strongly feels anchors should not be broken; chains should be broken. Ethics are anchors. Anything that stops me from living up to my potential is a chain that I need to break. He has authored several books and articles, which he believes has the capacity to break such chains.

He is convinced that the teachers will play a crucial role to uplift our country and its countrymen. To empower them with unshakable self belief and drive for performance he has founded a social initiative called Keep Moving Movement.

This initiative imparts life transforming training for students and teachers in various languages. This project is conducted by a committed force of more than 200 Life School Volunteers who are passionate to take our country to its deserved zenith.

As a parting shot, Naren says,

‘Lets create India as a destination to explore Spiritual depths and meet Inspiring people!’








Recuperating from his injury of separated shoulder, the famous footballer, Glen Tenove said, ‘God, make it as tough as you can, but make it possible. If it is Possible I will make it happen’. We created ‘Life School Foundation’ to return a bit of this tenacity and guidance, which we have been blessed in abundance, by Life. Through ‘Life School Foundation’, we plan to build a series of world class schools for children who would be ‘Forces of Goodness’ and be ‘ready for the future’. For the same goal, we conduct an amazing movement for schools students and teachers through an initiative called, ‘Keep Moving Movement’. We in Life School Foundation, assume responsibility to play our part and make this world a better place to live in.





Public Programs

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We host absolutely relevant high quality public programs with orators who inspire and uplift.




Public Programs

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Its a movement by volunteers for school teachers and students that enthralls the facilitators and the participants equally.




Public Programs

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We publish books that have the POWER to ‘transform’ lives. 15 books published so far.